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We correct vision defects. For more than 20 years.

Our focus has been on vision correction for people of all ages. We perform surgeries and treat eye conditions, giving our patients more than excellent quality of vision. We noticeably improve their quality of life, allowing them to see the world in a way they haven't seen in a long time. Or even never. Take a look at the evolution of Eyemed:
Zespół specjalistów Eyemed

In 2001, we started in the ophthalmology business, with a special focus on vision correction. Nine years later, in 2010, we opened the Eyemed Ophthalmology Center on Witolda Chodźki Street in Lublin.

We focus on cataract surgery in one-day surgery. We are the first in the region to introduce the microincision surgical technique. We sign a contract with the National Health Fund, but we continue to develop commercial services. Already in 2011, we are performing cataract surgery with toric and multifocal lens implantation. Apart from Eyemed, no one in Lublin performs this type of surgery. Our patients have their corneal astigmatism corrected, and after cataract surgery, they can read without using additional glasses.

In 2016, we are buying a state-of-the-art laser for vision correction. This is a breakthrough in Lublin ophthalmology, as our laser is the first and only stationary device of its kind in the city. Soon, we will be the only hospital in Lublin to perform extremely complex refractive surgery, which involves implanting an additional optical lens into a healthy eye to correct even very large refractive defects. So we can help an even larger group of patients.

badanie wzroku w Eyemed

In 2018, we are opening another facility – the Outpatient Clinic at 6b Pana Balcera Street. It offers services in ophthalmic diagnostics and qualification for surgical procedures. During the three years of operation of this facility, we will provide nearly 30,000 ophthalmic consultations there and perform 3,000 surgical procedures per year.

We are constantly improving the process of treating cataracts and refractive defects by analyzing, diagnosing, and then correcting corneal aberrations. The next step is to make the diagnosis and correction of total aberrations with special emphasis on the higher-order aberrations part of the treatment standard. Therefore, we can say that Eyemed is setting new standards in ophthalmology in Poland.

Okulista Eyemed

Look into the eyes of a specialist

The director of the Eyemed Ophthalmology Center on Witolda Chodko Street since 2010 is Dr. Pawel Klonowski. He is a recognized specialist who gained additional knowledge and experience during his internship abroad with the eminent Dr. Jorge Alio – a professor at the University of Alicante and the University of Miguel Hernandez de Elche in Spain. A gifted doctor and an exaggeratedly friendly man who looks warmly from his eyes.

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wyposażenie kliniki okulistycznej

See the latest equipment

See for yourself how the latest Schwind Atos femtosecond laser - one of only two in all of Europe - looks and works. Take a look at the state-of-the-art medical equipment our specialists use to treat patients with care and empathy.

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Others are just performing treatments. And we are changing the lives of our patients for the better.

Eyemed Czechow one-day surgery hospital and ophthalmology clinic
13 Witolda Chodźki Street, Lublin
Eyemed LSM Ophthalmology Clinic
Pana Balcera Street 6b, Lublin

Short on time?

Just send us your name and your preferred contact - phone number or email and we will contact you to schedule a consultation. We look forward to seeing you at Eyemed.

Short on time?

Just send us your name and your preferred contact - phone number or email and we will contact you to schedule a consultation. We look forward to seeing you at Eyemed.

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